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From nigro_franz <>
Subject Re: Paging
Date Wed, 03 May 2017 12:49:59 GMT
I've continued to work to reduce the GC pressure on the hot paths while
journalling and/or paging and this is the latest result:

This is the list of improvements:
- NIO/ASYNCIO new TimedBuffer with adapting batch window heuristic (+
throughput and - latency)
- NIO/ASYNCIO journal/paging operations benefit from less buffer copies and
always performed with batch copy under the hood
- NIO journal operation perform TLABs allocation pooling (off heap) 
- NIO improved file copy operations using zero-copy FileChannel::transfertTo
- NIO improved zeroing using a single OS page buffer to clean the file 
- NIO deterministic release of unpooled buffers to avoid OOM errors due to
slow GC

Currently It needs some check against the test suite, but the first results
are promising :)

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