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From Justin Bertram <>
Subject Re: Artemis 1.5.4 release?
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2017 17:42:46 GMT
I'm not aware of any existing plans for a 1.5.4 release, but given the number of fixes it's
probably warranted.  Here's what 'git log' prints:

  $ git log 1.5.3..1.x --oneline
  b582524 ARTEMIS-919 JMS reloader reading core queues
  fbdac0c ARTEMIS-1002 Use default PooledBufferAllocator in ActiveMQBuffers
  e795246 ARTEMIS-999 Add support for Oracle12C
  e5fde97 NO-JIRA Database Page Store Improvements
  01075ae ARTEMIS-998 Fix NPE in JDBC FileDriver when BLOB is null
  84acb2f ARTEMIS-986 fix int overflow
  19b3ad9 NO-JIRA fixing merge script on 1.x
  2f68737 ARTEMIS-995 adding teardown in a few tests
  cea51be This closes #1046
  a4b33bb ARTEMIS-995 Bulk of test fixes
  20d627f ARTEMIS-989 fixing test after cherry-picking
  2b18db6 ARTEMIS-992 deal w/bad connector-ref in cluster-cxn
  1f054f0 ARTEMIS-991 handle odd password input
  4ddd969 ARTEMIS-989 JMS2 context support custom session modes
  a79cf3b NO-JIRA Cherry-pick fix
  7553e48 NO-JIRA Send MQTT WILL outside of Server Session
  779a19d Revert "NO-JIRA Remove Property shouldn't invalidate buffer if not found"
  f492bd9 NO-JIRA Remove Property shouldn't invalidate buffer if not found
  6d0f282 ARTEMIS-976: PostgresSequentialSequentialFileDriver SQLProvider NPE fix
  f082185 ARTEMIS-974 ensure will messages are retained
  64968af NO-JIRA: Removing spurious debug message
  446523f NO-JIRA: fixing alignment on test
  c5c50c5 ARTEMIS-969 Unecessary buffer expansion on message delivery
  b058532 ARTEMIS-908: Replace lock by CAS to avoid deadlock
  be37020 [ARTEMIS-963] Prevent ClassCastException in ActiveMQChannelHandler
  e47b5d6 NO-JIRA Fix after cherry-pick
  b398864 NO-JIRA Clean up around MQTTConnectionManager
  f25396d ARTMEIS-958 Route Will message outside server session
  66c19d9 ARTEMIS-960 Do not encode Will messages
  16f3659 [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration


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From: "John D. Ament" <>
Sent: Monday, March 6, 2017 11:27:58 AM
Subject: Artemis 1.5.4 release?

Hey guys

Just wondering, is there a plan right now for a 1.5.4?  Romain's blocked a
bit on the issue he reported this morning (morning my time at least) so I
wanted to get him something to help fix it this week if possible.

If there is no plan, I can execute the release steps to prep a release and
call a vote.  Thoughts?


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