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From Christian Schneider <>
Subject Re: What is the current status and plans for the web-console?
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2017 17:18:31 GMT
The reason why I thought about a hawtio plugin is that it would be mimal 
effort compared to other solutions.

Some things that I like in Hawtio:

- It provides a framework for plugins. So you can have one console that 
gives you access to ActiveMQ but also to other modules in your system
- It uses jolokia to access the existing JMX layer over REST. So we do 
not need to create an additional REST layer for the console on the AMQ 
and Artemis side
- Uses a html/javascript client (Angular). So the client side is easy to 
install on any server

So if we do not write a Hawtio plugin then we should still consider to 
use jolokia to avoid overhead on the server side.
I also think a framework to hook other plugins in would be great but for 
just the activemq and artemis consoles it is not absolutely necessary.

So ideally I would like to have something like Hatwio at apache as a 
generic base for a console where all apache projects can hook in via 
plugins. Unfortunately this is a lot of effort and I am not sure if we 
find enough manpower to do it.  It would also be a project on its own 
and should not be done at activemq.


On 22.02.2017 18:05, Martyn Taylor wrote:
> So my opinion on this...
> I feel quite passionately about creating a really great UX for both
> ActiveMQ and Artemis and I'm not sure that a HawtIO plugin is what I'd
> hoped for when we started talking about an ActiveMQ console.  I think we
> could build something that is more focused and much more UX driven than the
> ActiveMQ HawtIO plugins that have been created outside Apache.
> I'd much prefer to see a console built specifically for the messaging
> space.  With something focused solely on messaging, we can think about the
> best way to model/manage messaging concepts and how to expose these things
> to the end users.  My view is that we either consider some of the other
> frameworks like the ones mentioned in this thread, or (my first preference)
> would be to go down the route of building our own, something specific to
> messaging, based on technologies like HTML5/JS + Bootstrap with the
> back-end being made plugable so we could manage both ActiveMQ 5.x and
> Artemis brokers.
> if redhat does not donate these? -- which would of course be the best
>> option.
> I'd prefer not to go down this route, but, if the community decide this is
> the way forward, then I don't think this would be a problem.
>> I personally would be fine with the hawtio core not being at apache if the
>> specific plugins are here. So we have most of the control without trying to
>> replicate hawtio.
>> In a chat with Dan he added that hawtio must be skinnable enough to have
>> an apache look. I agree with that.
>> Christian
>> On 17.02.2017 15:39, Clebert Suconic wrote:
>>> *AND* all of the ActiveMQ/Artemis related bits are written and maintained
>>>> here at Apache as part of this community.  How the queues and brokers and
>>>> such are presented to the user is completely under the control of this
>>>> community.
>>>> In other words: we don’t take the activemq plugin or whatever they have
>>>> and use it as is. (Unless they want to donate it to this community)
>>> Of course!
>> --
>> Christian Schneider
>> Open Source Architect

Christian Schneider

Open Source Architect

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