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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject [DISCUSS] ARTEMIS-863 - Network Health Check
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2016 01:17:19 GMT
I am implementing a feature that will allow an user to specify a ping
address list.

the broker will ping such list on a given interval, and it will
shutdown once the list cannot be achieved.

For instance, you specify, the broker will ping
every 10 seconds, and if that address is not reachable, it would go
down. (shutdown). this is to prevent a network isolation, so in case
you pull out the cable of the server the server will shutdown until
the network is back.

There are 4 properties currently implemented:

<network-check-list> - IPs to be pinged (or DNS) .. this is simple
ICMP through Network.isReachable

<network-check-NIC> - The network Interface Card name

<network-check-period>  - The interval in MS

<network-check-timeout> - The timeout to fail the ping in Milliseconds

<network-check-URL-list> - Similar to checkList, but this will use
HTTP open in a similar fashion.

These will work nicely by setting System properties. (which I will
further improve by allowing something like ./artemis run

I have already implemented this into a branch which I will send tomorrow as PR.

(BTW this link will not be valid for future readers of the list.. on
that case... just look at the commits on master and look for
ARTEMIS-863 on the git logs).

Clebert Suconic

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