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From vamit100 <>
Subject Re: Discovery without multicast (like on EC2)
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2016 04:51:21 GMT

I tried above mentioned broker configuration with activemq 5.14.1 . But it
is not working. I have three brokers and HAproxy as a load balancer.

Suppose broker1IP, broker2IP, broker3IP are ip addresses of brokers and
haproxyIP is ip address HAProxy VM. 61616 is openwire port for activemq.
(Note : All brokers are on different machines. Also there is separate
machine for HAProxy)

In addition to above mentioned configuration, here is customized
configuration on my side.

*1. HAProxy Configuration file*

    mode tcp
frontend MessagingBroker
    bind *:61616
    default_backend nodes
backend nodes
    balance roundrobin
    server web01 broker1IP:61616 check
    server web02 broker2IP:61616 check
    server web03 broker3IP:61616 check

listen stats *:8080
    mode http
    stats enable
    stats uri /
    stats hide-version
    stats auth admin:admin

frontend discovery
    mode http
    bind *:61618
    default_backend discovery_nodes
backend discovery_nodes
    mode http
    balance roundrobin
    server web01 broker1IP:61618 check
    server web02 broker2IP:61618 check
    server web03 broker3IP:61618 check
2. Addition of network connector in activemq.xml file

              <networkConnector name="default"

*3. Addition of new transport connector:* Addition of below transport
connector to activemq.xml file. This is in addition to Openwire transport
connector. I just added below new transport connector for http discovery.

                    <transportConnector name="http"

*4. I have not added any jars as all optional jars are already present in
activemq 5.14.1 . *

       Using this configuration, I am able to successfully connect to
different different brokers using uri failover:(tcp://haproxyIP:61616) from
client side. This means that HAProxy is working fine. But, these three
brokers are not getting inter-connected to each other using http discovery.
I want to create network of brokers.

Please let me know how can I successfully create network of brokers using
http discovery.

Thanks for Help. 

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