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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Artemis coding style part 2
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2016 19:13:07 GMT
On 09/29/2016 03:01 PM, Clebert Suconic wrote:
> I don't know about other, but to me this is trivial change to me and I
> don't mind anyways.  All I really mind is to have a checkstyle in
> place, whatever that is :)
> What would need to be changed on the checkstyle rules? did you check?

 From the old thread we lazily decided that we should adopt the Google 
style guide which is quite close to the 5.x code as it stands now.  I 
didn't look close enough on the original commit to notice that this was 
not exactly what was done but having been in the code over the past few 
days it has become apparent it didn't go as far as I thought it was 
going to.  It is a bit irritating trying to bring over code from 5.x as 
the formatting never quite matches and breaks the checkstyle rules.

The Google style formatting rules are here: all in nice little files that can 
be imported into the IDE of your choice.

For checkstyle configuration to use the Google style that is covered in 
the CheckStyle project here:

Previous thread on this is here for reference:

> On Thu, Sep 29, 2016 at 2:41 PM, Christopher Shannon
> <> wrote:
>> Hey Everyone,
>> Last year we had a discussion on the coding style for Artemis and a change
>> was made to the opening curly brace.  However, I've been in the code quite
>> a bit the past couple weeks doing testing (I am starting to look at what
>> needs to be done to help move missing features from 5.x) and I've noticed a
>> couple of things that still don't match up with the 5.x style.
>> In general I think think we should try and get the style closer to 5.x
>> because it will make going back and forth between to two code bases easier.
>>    The main thing I noticed is the while the opening brace was moved the
>> closing curly brace is still on its own line which doesn't match the style
>> of 5.x. This makes it a bit annoying when working in one project and then
>> doing work in a different project as suddenly you have to remember where
>> the curly brace is supposed to go.
>> For example:
>> Current format:
>>      try {
>>              //do something
>>       }
>>       catch (Exception cause) {
>>        }
>> Proposed format, notice that the catch(Exception) part is on the same line
>> as the closing brace
>>      try {
>>              //do something
>>       } catch (Exception cause) {
>>       }
>> Thoughts? My preference would be to adopt entire google style guide but I
>> think at the least should fix the closing curly brace so it matches up with
>> 5.x.

Tim Bish
twitter: @tabish121

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