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From Justin Bertram <>
Subject Re: Artemis - Load balance setup
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2016 16:47:35 GMT
What's the full use-case here?  Are you attempting to test server-side message load-balancing
where messages sent to one node are distributed to other nodes in the cluster?  If so, do
you have consumers on the other nodes of the cluster waiting to receive those messages?  You
are using the ON_DEMAND load-balancing policy which will only load-balance messages if there
is a demand (i.e. a consumer).

Artemis ships with examples of clustered use-cases like this where you can see concrete configuration
details.  Perhaps one of those might help you.

Also, questions about using the broker should be sent to the user list rather than the dev


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From: "anton.mithun" <>
Sent: Monday, August 22, 2016 4:54:51 AM
Subject: Artemis - Load balance setup

Trying to implement a load balance topology with two live servers,
tcp://localhost:61616 and tcp://localhost:61617
I am sending the message to tcp://localhost:61616.

load balance not working with the given below config. Only
tcp://localhost:61616 is receiving the message.
         <connector name="netty-connector">tcp://localhost:61616</connector>

         <acceptor name="netty-acceptor">tcp://localhost:61616</acceptor>

         <broadcast-group name="bg-group1">

         <discovery-group name="dg-group1">

         <cluster-connection name="my-cluster">
            <discovery-group-ref discovery-group-name="dg-group1"/>

But when I give this (acceptor defining the other server) in each
broker.xml, then the load balance works alright(round-robin)
         <acceptor name="netty-acceptor">tcp://localhost:61616</acceptor>

So is it necessary? the dynamic addition of a new node might not be possible
then? because then i have to add acceptor element for that server in all
other brokers and restart them all ?? 

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