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From Dave Senn <>
Subject Release current version of Apache.NMS.STOMP
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2016 14:21:46 GMT
Hi Apache developers

The current version of Apache.NMS.STOMP is not released.
The latest available version is 1.5.4, see:
Version 1.5.4 is not compatible with any Broker other than Apache MQ, Apache
Apollo, or maybe Apache Artemis (not tested). This problem was fixed by Jim
Gomes, see:

Would it be possible to release the current version 1.7.1 of
The version 1.7.1 should contain the following fixes:
* Zombie Consumer is created after failover
* MessageId assumed to be a number
* ResponseCorrelator transport is not stopped when Connection is closed
* TcpTransport.cs - Close() taking 30 seconds
* Add IDisposable interface to IDestination.
* Port the NMS library, Stomp and MQTT providers to Xamarin Android
* Port the ignoreExpiration option from Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ to

All this fixes are not currently available to any Apache.NMS.STOMP users.
This list of fixed issues and the fact that the currently released version
of Apache.NMS.STOMP (1.5.4) is not compatible with the latest released
version of Apache.NMS (1.7.1) should be reason enough to 
release the latest version of Apache.NMS.STOMP. 

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