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From ActiveMQ Investigation <>
Subject Active MQ Performance
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2016 07:06:20 GMT

I am doing some raw performance tests on ActiveMQ to replace SonicMQ (JMS
based) on C++ side. We have CMS using OpenWire. 
My test has got five Non Durable subscribers on a Topic. When I send 25000
messages, following happens:

1. Persistent - It takes 3 times (27sec) more than what it takes on SonicMQ
(9sec). I need to find out what's causing this delay and how to improve it. 
I understand that publisher will wait until broker comes back to ack
messages. I am using Auto_ACK. I have looked at SonicMQ settings for IO
Buffer and socket buffer and do the same for ActiveMQ but no success.

2. Non Persistent - This one is faster as fire and forget but messages are
sometime 2 seconds in flight on subscriber which is unacceptable to our use
case. I tried setting prefetch etc thinking it's slow consumer but no

Hardware is same for both. ActiveMQ install is default installation. I am
going through performance tuning guide mentioned in the forum but any quick
clues / areas to look at will be appreciated.

Sorry if my query is too subjective but I want to find out where ActiveMQ is
taking time and why. I have done raw tests just using stomp on ActiveMQ (No
CPP involved) and it was way faster as compared to Sonic. So I suspect, I
need to tweak some settings which may be causing it.


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