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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: [Stomp/ActiveMQ CMS] Delivery Mode
Date Tue, 17 May 2016 15:13:51 GMT
On 05/17/2016 10:25 AM, ActiveMQ Investigation wrote:
> Thank you for explanation Tim.
> Actually I am using Stomp only for our application which is written in
> OpenEdge as it doesn't provide any JMS implementation/ API or protocol to
> connect to ActiveMQ. So stomp was the way. I am not using STOMP in ActiveMQ
> CPP as openwire is already there.
> Sending 25K took 4 seconds via Stomp Layer which is acceptable for our use
> case.
> Now there was another part of system in C++. To check performance for C++
> side, I used default setup of ActiveMQ CPP (openwire) and it did send 25k
> message in 4 seconds if Delivery Mode is non-persistent. If I make it
> persistent, it takes 32 secs on a Queue.
> This caused me to investigate what Stomp is doing with Delivery Mode. Is it
> sending messages persistently or Non persistently. I expect it should take
> approx 32 seconds via stomp as well because Default ActiveMQ mode is
> Persistent.
> Is there anyway I can check what delivery mode is being used for a
> connection.All I have is a native Apache Console to see what Queues /
> Topics/connections are there and counter of messages on it.
> Any help is appreciated.
> Thanks
> AJ
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If you want to replicate what the CMS or JMS clients do via OpenWire 
then you need to set the persistent header in the STOMP message headers 
(persistent=true) and request a receipt be returned to you via the 
standard STOMP header for doing such (receipt:<YOUR_ID>).

Tim Bish
twitter: @tabish121

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