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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache Artemis 1.2.0
Date Mon, 21 Dec 2015 00:03:44 GMT
> Also the output of the help command in the html looks ugly. Its not
> spaced correctly.

I'm not sure where you mean that?

> And its a bit unclear that after creating a broker you must cd into
> that directory to start it. eg some people may think you can start the
> broker from the unzip like you can do in Apache ActiveMQ. I would like
> to see the readme more clear on this. Maybe a better step by step
> showing the commands and output etc so its really clear.


> Also why not use a .md file instead of .html ?

I'm confused what's best here. .html are easy to read (thinking of
beginners just downloading the distro). pehaps we could switch to .md
and have a converter tool? (although I wouldn't know which one to use
from maven).

> In JMX the broker is listed as brokerName="" but I was not
> given any opportunity to name the broker when I created it from the
> command line.

the cli will only ask for the host if needed (that is if you're using
clustered). otherwise you can use options (use ./artemis help create
for that).

> And I cannot see the broker name in the log when the broker start up.
> That name should IMHO be allowed to enter when creating, and maybe
> default to the directory name or something? And show the name in the
> log.

That's used for the JMX only.

> Also I would like to be abel to easily enable jolokia out of the box.
> Apache ActiveMQ has that, but Artemis does not.

It doest.. it's part of the web interface.

> The web console is likely a bit disappointment, its just the
> documentation. People in 2015 would expect a management console. So
> maybe point that out in the docs that there is none (yet).


> When you create a queue its logged at INFO level and the message is
> not with a capital letter, eg trying -> Trying

+1 I was so used to this message that I never though about that.

> And when the broker shutdown, I would like to see an INFO logging that
> says the uptime of the broker. See how we do that in ActiveMQ.

+1 Nice feature.

> Also IMHO you should log at INFO level when the broker is being
> shutdown, so the user can see from exactly in the log when the
> shutdown starts, in case there is problems during so.
> eg as shown above where I started ActiveMQ in the foreground, and then
> hit CTRL+C (eg ^C).

I will open the JIRAs for these on monday. (Or maybe commit those if
it's an easy fix).

I don't see a reason to withdraw the release based on your feedback.
Great stuff but I don't see a need to hold it (hence your +1 already)

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