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From Jeff Mesnil <>
Subject Cluster view of Artemis?
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2015 12:33:11 GMT
Hi, I'm writing some failover tests for Artemis (using either shared
store or replication).

I have 2 nodes, a master and a backup one.

In the replication cases, I start my nodes and want to wait for the
cluster to be formed.

In the logs, I can see that the cluster is formed, as the backup has this log:

"11:36:39,768 INFO  [org.apache.activemq.artemis.core.server]
(Thread-1 (ActiveMQ-client-netty-threads-1591310642)) AMQ221024:
Backup server ActiveMQServerImpl::serverUUID=e7bd42ca-5b8b-11e5-9d19-796a17bef145
is synchronized with live-server."

However, if I look at ClusterConnectionControl#getNodes() on either
nodes, it returns an empty map. I was expecting to have both nodes
returned. Or maybe the other node at the end of the cluster
connection. Returning an empty map sounds suspicious.

If I now call ClusterConnectionControl#getTopology() on the master
node, it returns:

"topology on Topology@1aaa7bfa[owner=ClusterConnectionImpl@764259437[nodeUUID=e7bd42ca-5b8b-11e5-9d19-796a17bef145,
address=jms, server=ActiveMQServerImpl::serverUUID=e7bd42ca-5b8b-11e5-9d19-796a17bef145]]:
        e7bd42ca-5b8b-11e5-9d19-796a17bef145 => TopologyMember[id =
backupGroupName=null, scaleDownGroupName=null]
        nodes=2 members=1"

The string is a bit opaque but I can at least see that there are 2
nodes in the cluster. Both nodes form a pair for the single member
identified with e7bd42ca-5b8b-11e5-9d19-796a17bef145

What's the correct way to know the number of nodes in the cluster?
Finally, is there a way to query the live server to know if it has one
or many backups ready to failover? Relying on the topology string
seems quite fragile...


Jeff Mesnil

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