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From Robbie Gemmell <>
Subject Re: qpid cpp text message
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2015 16:08:31 GMT
On 15 July 2015 at 20:51, plsph <> wrote:
> it was typo during rewrite. broker settings are fine. i don't know what the
> consumer is. i only got producer and broker.
> it's hard to argue with statement that it should work. i've used qpid-proton
> writen in c and i was able to send messages to jms transformer and they were
> recieved as text messages. now, using the same infrastructure and qpid-cpp i
> always get bytes message, none of above examples crafted text message.

For what its worth, I happened to be using the C++ client (from trunk
as of 0.34 timeframe) myself today, and in doing so confirmed that
changing its hello_world.cpp example from doing this:

    sender.send(Message("Hello world!"));

To doing this:

    Message msg;
    msg.setContentObject("Hello World!");

Resulted in the payload sent by the client when using AMQP 1.0
changing from a data body section containing bytes to an amqp-value
body section containing a utf8 string.

Enabling the logging that Gordon mentioned in his last reply should
help you confirm if the same is true in your case. If it is, then it
would likely point to a broker config issue, or perhaps something with
the receiving client.

I'll be starting a thread on the qpid lists to enquire if there is any
reason not to change the hello_world example to use setContentObject,
given the other examples appear to do so already.


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