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From Marc Schöchlin>
Subject Re: Git workflow for committers
Date Mon, 29 Jun 2015 19:49:17 GMT
Thanks Bruce,

sorry for the delay - i was a really busy with a corporate project....

I'm not really sure what i should do now to submit my changes because
because i could not really recognize a broad consent on the discussion :-)

My opinion is:
Committing directly to the master master branch seems to be a a
efficient/lean way to get things fixed or to make smaller enhancements
with low effort.
Extensive, complex, longterm and  dangerous changes should be managed
and reviewed in feature branches (i.e. using Gitflow).

From my point of view it would be a good idea to write a detailed wiki
guide how to do this!
The guide should describe in detail how to handle git correctly
(configuration and detailed usage), the ticket system, requesting a

Probably we just should start to write such a page (marked as draft) and
request concrete improvements?


Am 07.06.2015 um 21:10 schrieb Bruce Snyder:
> New committer Marc Schöchlin has raised some questions about the git
> workflow to use as he continues to work on the init scripts. This is a
> perfect opportunity for all committers to discuss the workflow that we
> recommend be used when working on ActiveMQ projects and I will document the
> end result on the wiki in association with the 'How To Become a
> Committer...' page.
> After many years of experience with git, I am a big fan of git flow (
> but I don't
> believe that is being used on ActiveMQ. So what is the general git workflow
> that committers use today?
> Bruce

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