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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] Renaming github mirror
Date Thu, 21 May 2015 23:30:04 GMT
Ok, I won't even wait for other people's feedback... I will just go
ahead and ask them to do it. Better now than later.

On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 7:03 PM, Robbie Gemmell
<> wrote:
> As the JIRA project has just been renamed today and no release has
> occurred yet, I think now would probably be the best time to ever
> recreate the mirror.
> I dont think the pull requests numbers beginning again is that big an
> issue. The comments are available on the dev list as you said, and
> also any JIRAs the PR referenced, plus the commits made will remain
> for inspection. There will obviously be some overlap with the old
> numbers, but I dont think that should be too confusing as the dates
> will make it fairly easy to tell whether it is a current reference or
> an old one, plus any JIRA references will further help distinguish
> them (given the old PR commits would refer to the old ACTIVEMQ6 JIRA
> key, rather than the new ARTEMIS key).
> One other issue to note is that I believe forks of the current GitHub
> mirror will be re-parented against one of the remaining fork, so
> people might need to recreate their forks against the main repo again.
> I dont see that as too big a deal either though, and again better done
> now than later.
> Robbie
> On 21 May 2015 at 22:42, Clebert Suconic <> wrote:
>> I need some help with the discussion I'm having at:
>> If you go to the artemis github mirror, you will see: mirrored from
>> git://
>> It happens that per what I heard from Infra, the only way to do that
>> would be to recreate the repo. Meaning the Pull Request IDs would
>> restart, meaning we would lost any previous discussions we had on
>> github.
>> Although I'm not sure that's really a big deal, since these
>> discussions are all backed up at the dev list (the dev list has been
>> hearing the PR comments).
>> So, is there anyone against recreating the repo?
>> I asked Infra to wait until tomorrow.

Clebert Suconic

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