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From Clebert <>
Subject Re: Barriers to ActiveMQ 6 contributions
Date Sat, 04 Apr 2015 20:50:49 GMT
Comments embed.  Typing on the iPhone. 

-- Clebert Suconic typing on the iPhone. 

> On Apr 4, 2015, at 13:14, Bruce Snyder <> wrote:
> After some unexpected turns in my life over the last couple of years, I am
> digging in to the ActiveMQ 6 code base as I'd like to begin contributing
> again. But I quickly ran into some barriers for anyone interested in
> contributing that I'm going to start fixing. Below is a list of things I've
> run into so far:
> * IRC -- I'm a big fan of IRC for collaboration. But but since the Codehaus
> has shut down, the IRC URL on the ActiveMQ website is now out of date. I
> did find that there is an ActiveMQ channel over on Freenode, is this where
> folks are lurking now?

Yep.  We are there on freenode (not this Easter weekend though :) )
> * Repo -- As I hunted around for the ActiveMQ 6 repo URL, I had a difficult
> time locating it from the ActiveMQ website. All I could find was the URL to
> the ActiveMQ 5 code base ( Being
> that Github pull requests are showing up on dev@activemq list, I was able
> to locate the Github repo. This information should be fixed up on the
> ActiveMQ website. Is everyone following the git config in the ActiveMQ
> file (to configure the ASF git as an upstream remote)?

There is an activemq-6 repo.  I don't have the url now as I'm on the iPhone. 
> * JIRA -- The source tab is not appearing in any of the JIRA Issues for
> ActiveMQ 6. This is a problem because commits are not tied to a JIRA issue
> (and this further delayed me in locating the source repo). It seems that I
> no longer have JIRA admin privileges to attempt to fix this on my own, how
> do I interact with ASF Infra to request JIRA admin privileges these days?

There is an activemq-6 jira as well.  I can send you the link on Monday if you can't find

> If folks can help to answer these questions for me, I can begin to help fix
> these items and move forward.

I can spend as much time with you and anyone contributing as needed.  Ping me Monday on irc.
My nick is simply Clebert (pronounced like clever but with a b instead )

> Bruce
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