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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ 6 Logging
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2015 20:21:59 GMT
> * System.out.println statements in many of the examples and tests as well
> as several in the main code base

We used System.out intentionally on the examples.

> * A use of the SLF4J logger
> * A reference to the old Log4jLogDelegateFactory
Where is that?

> * A use of the Arjuna logger
That's on the extra-tests through Arjuna.. this is optional and only
used on testing, right?

> * Some references to Log4J configs in some POMs

> Clearly these various items need to cleaned up aligned to a single logging
> framework, not to mention appropriately documented. But this also raised
> some really fundamental questions for me:
> * What is the advantage to using the JBoss Logging vs. SLF4J?
JBoss Logging supports internationalization through the logging-tools.

We have a task to revisit this after this first release, maybe look into SL4J.
I have done some prototyping on generating my own i18n parsing.. but
the plan was to revisit this after this first release.
This first release was the first IP clearance under apache, and we
were going to move forward with it.

> * Does JBoss Logging supply any logging providers to bind to other logging
> frameworks?

> * Does JBoss Logging provide parameterized logging?

> * Where can I find some documentation on JBoss Logging (specifically how it
> works)? I'm looking everywhere and not finding anything besides the HornetQ
> logging docs (
> If I can't find anything about how JBoss Logging works, clearly users will
> be just as lost as I am at the moment.
> Can someone please help me to answer these questions?
> Bruce
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