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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject Re: Code donation for stomp.js
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2015 14:51:20 GMT
IMHO I think this should be imported as a folder on both activemq5
project, and activemq-6.. and be integrated with Maven.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 9:13 AM, Jeff Mesnil <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm the writer of the stomp.js[1] which is a JavaScript library to use
> STOMP (over TCP or Web Sockets).
> This library is used to send and receive messages from Web
> applications and is often used in conjunction with ActiveMQ. It can
> also be used from JavaScript applications running in node.js[2] too.
> ActiveMQ is shipped with it to run its we socket example[3]
> This library was developed and maintained on my spare time but due to
> recent development in my life (mainly having a new baby) I no longer
> have much free time to maintain this library.
> The library is small, quite stable and documented[4] (I also wrote a
> book[5] for O'Reilly about it using ActiveMQ as the broker :) but
> there is still work to iron things out (mainly compatibility with
> various Web browsers).
> I don't want it to become abandonware and I'm looking for an Open
> Source community which could take care of it.
> ActiveMQ is my first choice as it has always been very supportive of
> STOMP and was one of the first broker to support Web Sockets.
> The project is under the Apache License v2.0
> My only regret with this project is to have rewritten it at one point
> using CoffeeScript. I think it has hampered contributions (most of the
> patches updates the generated JavaScript) without much benefit (the
> CoffeeScript code[6] is just a bit more readable than the generated
> JavaScript[7]).
> If the ActiveMQ community is interested by this library, I'd be happy
> to provide any assistance during the transition.
> What do you think of this code donation? Would there be some interest?
> Thanks,
> jeff
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]
> [7]
> --
> Jeff Mesnil

Clebert Suconic

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