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From artnaseef <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS} HornetQ & ActiveMQ's next generation
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2015 12:36:38 GMT

(Please pardon my reference to Buddhism here)

In buddhist practice, we remind ourselves of many things every time we
practice.  One of those is stated this way, "forgive me for divisive
actions," and, "I promise to avoid divisive actions."  We all do it, whether
with intent or not, but in the long run, it only leads to anger,
frustration, ...  Suffering.

All the heated arguments here that attack all the value of all the great
work of the past done by the folks on this project is truly sad.  I only
hope that there are enough folks either not listening, or believing that
this is just one large "vent" so this conversation doesn't drive folks away
from ActiveMQ.

A culture of respect and honest interest in technical concerns, impacts on
users and others across the community, and a focus on moving things forward
-- that's a vision I dream of when I think of being a core member of the
ActiveMQ community.  I long for more discussions like ones I have had with
Hadrian - in which we actually talk about ideas and work together to make a
solution better than either one of us would have made alone.  It's awesome. 
I highly recommend everyone to try it.

Please move past the fighting.  Every foolish thing any one of us has ever
said can be forgiven.  Every one here is valuable, and can bring that value
to ActiveMQ - it's our actions and the impact they have on ActiveMQ - both
the product and the community - that are our measure.  Let's strive for the
ideal - working together (not without disagreement) - bringing out valid
concerns and providing valid responses, considering impacts and deciding
which to accept, and how to minimize where possible.  Then work toward
resolution through decision-making and acceptance that no path forward will
be perfect, and all paths forward that are worth taking require effort -
true effort.

With this said, I'm going back to focusing on other parts of my life at the
moment as this entire discussion has drained so much of my energy for a week
or two, and those parts have been neglected.  Please PM me if my input is
valuable and desired, or my absence is somehow blocking, before I return
more prominently (probably after ApacheCon), when it will be time to get the
next patch release of ActiveMQ built (I will do all the grunt work, although
help is appreciated - thanks to Hadrian again for his past help in creating

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