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From Hadrian Zbarcea <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS} HornetQ & ActiveMQ's next generation
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2015 10:51:56 GMT
Completely agree, thanks Rob. The proposal is use a name for the hornetq 
subproject that avoids confusion and doesn't use a version number. 
Hornetq *may* become the next activemq 6 (or 7, or whatever the case) 
once it builds a strong, self sustained community.

Like in the Apollo case, the technology merit is not in question. One of 
the ASF core beliefs is that the key ingredient for a mature [1] open 
source project is the community.

I hope too that the hornetq community achieves its goals,


On 03/25/2015 04:47 AM, Rob Davies wrote:
> (was: HornetQ & ActiveMQ's next generation)
> Thanks Lionel - I agree.
> The [VOTE] thread was getting a little verbose, and a little heated.
> There were a lot of opinions, and a lot of assumptions and its likely
> there was some miscommunication when HornetQ was donated to the ActiveMQ
> community.
> On the plus side, its great that there are so many passionate members of
> the community.
> It seems there is no consensus from the ActiveMQ community that HornetQ
> should be the next generation of ActiveMQ - yet - and hence should be a
> sub-project with its own name.
> Personally, I believe there are a lot of advantages of starting
> development of ActiveMQ 6 around a  HornetQ core - but as Hadrian as
> already pointed out - it does need to validate itself by growing its own
> diverse community first. I hope the ActiveMQ community as a whole gets
> involved in the code donated from HornetQ and pushes it the right way.
> Rob
>> Lionel Cons <>
>> 25 March 2015 06:58
>> (for the sake of clarity, I think that this important subject deserves
>> more
>> than the [VOTE] thread currently used, hence this new thread...)
>> Apollo (tagline = "ActiveMQ's next generation of messaging") started
>> in 2010
>> as an ActiveMQ sub-project in the hope of becoming ActiveMQ 6. At that
>> time,
>> the latest ActiveMQ was 5.4.
>> Almost 5 years later, ActiveMQ is now 5.11 and some of the Apollo
>> developments
>> (like LevelDB or MQTT) have been merged into ActiveMQ 5.x. FWIW, Apollo is
>> still officially advertised as "the core of the 6.0 broker" in
>> In parallel, last year, the HornetQ codebase has been donated to
>> ActiveMQ. The
>> ActiveMQ 6 RC assembled so far is HornetQ with Apollo's tagline,
>> "ActiveMQ's
>> next generation of messaging", hence the confusion.
>> For me, the fundamental question to answer is: has it been _decided_ that
>> HornetQ will be the core of the next generation of ActiveMQ?
>> If the answer is yes then HornetQ can be called ActiveMQ 6.0 and we
>> should get
>> a stable, feature complete ActiveMQ 5.x replacement a few minor
>> versions later
>> (who trusts a .0 version anyway?).
>> If the answer is no (or not yet) then HornetQ should probably appear as an
>> ActiveMQ sub-project, just like Apollo (still) is. HornetQ can evolve
>> there
>> and come closer to ActiveMQ "the next generation". Then, the ActiveMQ
>> project
>> should decide what will be ActiveMQ 6.
>> Cheers,
>> Lionel Cons

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