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From Lionel Cons <>
Subject HornetQ & ActiveMQ's next generation
Date Wed, 25 Mar 2015 06:58:54 GMT
(for the sake of clarity, I think that this important subject deserves more
 than the [VOTE] thread currently used, hence this new thread...)

Apollo (tagline = "ActiveMQ's next generation of messaging") started in 2010
as an ActiveMQ sub-project in the hope of becoming ActiveMQ 6. At that time,
the latest ActiveMQ was 5.4.

Almost 5 years later, ActiveMQ is now 5.11 and some of the Apollo developments
(like LevelDB or MQTT) have been merged into ActiveMQ 5.x. FWIW, Apollo is
still officially advertised as "the core of the 6.0 broker" in

In parallel, last year, the HornetQ codebase has been donated to ActiveMQ. The
ActiveMQ 6 RC assembled so far is HornetQ with Apollo's tagline, "ActiveMQ's
next generation of messaging", hence the confusion.

For me, the fundamental question to answer is: has it been _decided_ that
HornetQ will be the core of the next generation of ActiveMQ?

If the answer is yes then HornetQ can be called ActiveMQ 6.0 and we should get
a stable, feature complete ActiveMQ 5.x replacement a few minor versions later
(who trusts a .0 version anyway?).

If the answer is no (or not yet) then HornetQ should probably appear as an
ActiveMQ sub-project, just like Apollo (still) is. HornetQ can evolve there
and come closer to ActiveMQ "the next generation". Then, the ActiveMQ project
should decide what will be ActiveMQ 6.


Lionel Cons

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