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From "Fugitt, Jesse" <>
Subject RE: problem when MessageStore updateMessage function throws an exception
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2014 14:28:30 GMT
Yes, the fix in the JIRA is working for us now with a re-built broker using that fix (other
fixes might be possible that don't involve changing the broker interface but the attached
fix seemed the most straightforward).  The problem for us occurs typically during a broker
shutdown when the message store's updateMessage throws the exception.  We are expecting the
broker to never assign a message out to a consumer if it couldn't successfully complete updateMessage
(otherwise you are open to duplicates being sent upon restart of the broker that are not marked
redelivered).  The attached unit test illustrates the expected behavior.


-----Original Message-----
From: Gary Tully [] 
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2014 4:51 PM
Subject: Re: problem when MessageStore updateMessage function throws an exception

ah, I see your jira and patch. will try and have a peek tomorrow.

On 11 September 2014 22:47, Gary Tully <> wrote:
> A store failure is typically fatal. There is an ioexception handler in 
> the loop for message sends and the default behaviour is to stop the 
> broker.
> One option is to pull in the ioexception handler in this case also, 
> allowing the broker stop behaviour.
> at this point, predispatch, the message is pending an ack and won't 
> get dispatched again till the consumer/subscription closes so not 
> dispatching will leave it dangling.
> What is the ideal behaviour for a message in this case?
> On 4 September 2014 21:26, Fugitt, Jesse <> wrote:
>> When using the new option persisteJMSRedelivered (to ensure the 
>> redelivered flag is set correctly on potentially duplicate messages 
>> that are re-dispatched by the broker even after a restart): 
>> <policyEntry queue=">" persistJMSRedelivered="true"></policyEntry>
>> there is still a case where a message can be re-sent and will not be marked as redelivered.
 I can open a JIRA and probably create a unit test but it is pretty clear from the pasted
code below where the exception is getting swallowed.  Would the preferred fix be to update
the broker interface and make preProcessDispatch throw an IOException or would it be better
to add a new field to the MessageDispatch class to indicate an exception occurred and leave
the interface alone?
>> The specific case when this can happen is when a MessageStore returns an exception
during the updateMessage call, which then gets swallowed (and an ERROR logged) and still allows
the message to be dispatched to the consumer.  The exception seems like it should actually
propagate out of the preProcessDispatch function in RegionBroker as shown below, but this
would require changing the Broker interface and making the void preProcessDispatch function
throw an IOException.
>> //
>>     @Override
>>     public void preProcessDispatch(MessageDispatch messageDispatch) {
>>         Message message = messageDispatch.getMessage();
>>         if (message != null) {
>>             long endTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
>>             message.setBrokerOutTime(endTime);
>>             if (getBrokerService().isEnableStatistics()) {
>>                 long totalTime = endTime - message.getBrokerInTime();
>>                 ((Destination) message.getRegionDestination()).getDestinationStatistics().getProcessTime().addTime(totalTime);
>>             }
>>             if (((BaseDestination) message.getRegionDestination()).isPersistJMSRedelivered()
&& !message.isRedelivered() && message.isPersistent()) {
>>                 final int originalValue = message.getRedeliveryCounter();
>>                 message.incrementRedeliveryCounter();
>>                 try {
>>                     ((BaseDestination) message.getRegionDestination()).getMessageStore().updateMessage(message);
>>                 } catch (IOException error) {
>>                     LOG.error("Failed to persist JMSRedeliveryFlag on {} in {}",
message.getMessageId(), message.getDestination(), error);
>>                 } finally {
>>                     message.setRedeliveryCounter(originalValue);
>>                 }
>>             }
>>         }
>>     }
>> //
>>     protected void processDispatch(Command command) throws IOException {
>>         MessageDispatch messageDispatch = (MessageDispatch) (command.isMessageDispatch()
? command : null);
>>         try {
>>             if (!stopping.get()) {
>>                 if (messageDispatch != null) {
>>                     broker.preProcessDispatch(messageDispatch);
>>                 }
>>                 dispatch(command);  //This code will dispatch the message whether
or not the updateMessage function actually worked
>>             }
>>         ...
>> I wanted to get input on this issue before proceeding further with it.
>> Thanks,
>> Jesse
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