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From Netlancer <>
Subject mqtt subscription information not shared across network of brokers
Date Tue, 20 May 2014 14:26:27 GMT

  I am using activemq-5.10-SNAPSHOT codebase for mqtt. I tried the 
following scenario with 2 broker network ( with 
staticallyIncludedDestination ). the persistence store is not shared 
between these two brokers.

Scenario 1:

client c1 ( clientid1) connects to broker A, publishes to topic A with 
cleansession = false
client c2 ( clientid2) connects to broker B, subscribes to topic A with 
cleansession = false

In this scenario, c1 receives message sent by c2 as expected.

Scenario 2:

client c1 publishes to topic A on broker A
client c2 now connects to broker A with cleansession=false. In this 
case, no messages are received by c2.

per mqtt , if a client has set clean session as false, it should be auto 
subscribed to topics which were subscribed already.

Please, can you let me know whether subscription information are 
propagated between brokers so that a client connecting to either of the 
broker receives the message


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