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From Gordon Sim <>
Subject Re: Discussion: JMS 2.0 API support
Date Tue, 20 May 2014 10:27:24 GMT
On 05/19/2014 06:35 PM, uromahn wrote:
> Hmm, from the deafening silence I must assume that either of the two things
> happened:
> 1. People didn't read my post for some reason (and hence I am replying to my
> own post to refresh this post), or
> 2. There is no appetite supporting JMS 2.0 in ActiveMQ and hence people
> ignored my post.
> Anyways, if I won't see any feedback or comments to this post, I have to
> assume that ActiveMQ will be a "dead-end" with regards to JMS 2.0 (and
> future versions of JMS).

Though its not exactly what you are asking about, there is work underway 
in the Qpid project (also at Apache) to provide a JMS 2.0 client for 
AMQP 1.0. Since ActiveMQ supports AMQP 1.0, that client when ready 
should work against ActiveMQ also (much as the current JMS 1.1 client 
for AMQP does).

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