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From Netlancer <>
Subject Message forwarding on two brokers not working for MQTT
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2014 14:20:08 GMT
Hi ,

I have setup two brokers A(sender) and B(receiver). both the brokers
have been configured with transport connector for mqtt protocol. only
broker A has been setup for network connector.AdvisorySupport is enabled.

I have 2 clients ( producer) connecting to broker A and consumer
connecting to Broker B. The topic is hierarchical in nature ( c.d ) .
since i am using mqtt protocol, both producer and consumer uses the
topic format  ( c/d)

Scenario 1
when  broker A is configured with empty dynamicallyIncludedDestination,
the consumer in broker B is able to get the message.

when broker A is configured with dynamicallyIncludedDestination as "c.*"
or "c.>"  or C/# , the consumer in broker B is not able to get any 
message. The
message is never forwarded from broker A to B.

broker A configuration:
            <networkConnector name="brokerA"
uri="static:(tcp://localhost:61617)" userName="brokerAusr">
                  <topic physicalName="C1/#"/> or  <topic
physicalName="C1.*"/> or <topic physicalName="C1.> "/>

I am using the latest trunk of 5.10-SNAPSHOT.

Please, can you let me know if there is anything wrong in the way i have 
configured . Also , is there any problem with the topic wildcard ?


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