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From Chris Mattmann <>
Subject [DISCUSS] [VOTE] Move the ActiveMQ web-console to a sub-project.
Date Sat, 01 Feb 2014 06:56:51 GMT
Hi James,

(note [DISCUSS] in front of [VOTE] for clear delineation)

>I think this thread is a perfect example really. Just re-read the mails
>above if anyone needs more proof.
>A vote starts to move some old crusty code for a pretty crappy console
>(which the main developers and maintainers have kinda given up on) to a
>different directory in subversion on a different release cycle; so a
>community can either form around it or it can eventually be moved to the
>Attic. Queue lots of the usual attacks on Red Hat folks from the usual
>suspects from Talend & Savoir who every chance they get spew bile,
>attacks, conspiracy theories, question our integrity, professionalism and
>motives. Its gone way beyond being irritating and offensive really; its
>becoming downright hilarious. You go guys! Keep up the amazing work, am
>sure ActiveMQ developers and users are really loving this stuff!
>In comparison - we've had no bullshit at all on github. Its a breath of
>fresh air, amazing tooling and its great fun. There's a very low barrier
>entry and we seem to already have got more contributions at hawtio from
>folks than we've ever got for the ActiveMQ web console.

I'm sorry -- are you suggesting that simply because you are on Github that
you don't get community flare ups?

>Incidentally I don't know if you've noticed; Apache isn't the centre of
>universe. There's some amazing opens source going on elsewhere - mostly on
>github - e.g. docker, angularjs and vertx to name but 3 off the top of my
>head are huge game changers.

And in case you haven't noticed Apache still has a LOT of really cool stuff
going on too. And furthermore in case you haven't noticed you are what
to be a member of the Apache Software Foundation, at least looking here:

By that bold portion of your name. So regardless of particulars about
other discussions, this discussion needs to arrive at a remedy by the
next board meeting that solves the blatant abuse of this
PMC of Apache brands, and I'd appreciate you more carefully teetering on
your *Apache* hat which you are supposed to wear here.


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