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From Hiram Chirino <>
Subject Re: "optional" dependencies and Maven versions
Date Tue, 11 Feb 2014 19:43:55 GMT
I personally don't really like defining compile/runtime dependencies
in parent poms (I'm ok with testing dependencies).

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 12:43 PM, Daniel Kulp <> wrote:
> While working with Art to figure out why his web console war was significantly smaller
than mine, we determined that it comes down to what version of Maven you use to build.  3.0.5
includes more jars than 3.1.1.  Looking into it, it looks like 3.1.1 is using the parent poms
"optional=true" flags for the transitive dependencies whereas 3.0.5 is not.
> For example, in the parent pom, we have all the spring stuff (spring-core, spring-context,
spring-beans, spring-aop) as "optional=true".      However, in activemq-web, we set spring-web
and spring-webmvc to optional=false.   With 3.0.5, the transitive dependencies of spring-webmvc/spring-web
then also get changed to optional=false.  However, with 3.1.1, they don't.  They remain optional=true
and thus don't get packaged into the war.
> For consistency sake, I'd like to get this fixed.   Two options:
> 1) For all the transitive deps pulled in for activemq-web, acttivemq-web-console, etc...
add them directly to the deps in those poms with a optional=false flag.
> 2) Remove the optional=true flag from the parent pom and add it into the other poms where
they truly are optional.    Avoid the option=false construct.
> Thoughts?    I believe #2 would be more "maven standard".
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> Daniel Kulp
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Hiram Chirino
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