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From jgenender <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] [VOTE] Move the ActiveMQ web-console to a sub-project.
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 16:50:40 GMT
James Strachan-2 wrote
> I'm suggesting that at github, its pretty hard to run a smear campaign
> like
> certain folks from Savoir & Talend have been doing against Fuse/Red Hat
> folks here at Apache for some time. On github I've yet to see any personal
> attacks, FUD, slander, conspiracy theories or innuendo yet. I've not even
> seen a flare up either but I'm sure that'll happen one day.

Oh cut the crap, Strachan.  The hand waving bullshit of a "smear" campaign
is a joke. There is no "smear" campaign and nobody is "against" you.

You have community members here, Camel, Karaf, etc etc, who simply don't let
you get away with your transgressions of pushing the limits of what it means
to be a good Apache citizen.  There are countless complaints about misusing
Apache trademarks, abusing the community, etc, all from your little corner
of the world...  I challenge you to find such transgressions and complaints
from "Savoir" or "Talend".  I don't blame RedHat.  I don't blame "Fuse".  I
believe those companies have their hearts in the right places.  But, I do
blame you as the ring leader of your band and pushing the line.  Be careful
about claiming how victimized you are while you do nothing but predatory
manipulative activities surrounding the Apache community.  The bottom line
is, people are tired of it and you are getting called out.  Its about
freaking time.

James Strachan-2 wrote
> Sure. Like I said though, its not the centre of the universe; there's cool
> stuff all over the place. Apart from in the Hadoop ecosystem, most of the
> cool stuff seems to be increasingly outside of Apache these days. If
> Apache
> is so amazing I wonder why? 

Dude... there is the door.  Don't let it hit your ass on the way out.  No...
I'm not threatening you (as you so eloquently claimed out of your sheer
paranoia in the other thread).  If you don't like it here, then leave. 
IMNSHO, the communities that you attempt to rape would be better off without

To the community. .. My apologies for the rant.  I'm just tired of it and
this was a long time coming... :-(

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