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From jgenender <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Move the ActiveMQ web-console to a sub-project.
Date Thu, 30 Jan 2014 23:42:30 GMT
rajdavies wrote
> Apache isn’t exactly the best place for innovation. Just look at this
> whole thread, imagine trying to create a UI based around consensus - it
> wouldn’t happen - so it doesn’t seem odd to me that the ASF wouldn't be
> there first choice.

Can you please expound on why Apache is not exactly the best place for
innovation?  Seems to me Apache is a great place to innovate.  Its kind of
sad that you and others may feel this way.  Typically people want to build
their own communities outside of Apache because they want control over the
project.  Looking at, who the main players are, it certainly appears
its a desire for despotism.  That's some cases having a despot
community is the way to go.  Unfortunately you end up losing contributions
from a more open community.

But if that's the case, why not just fork AMQ and bring it somewhere that
you don't need community input?  That way you can direct ActiveMQ the way
you want without having threads such as these.  What is it that you and the
others get by having AMQ at Apache?  Is it the brand that Apache brings to a

I'm just interested in your thoughts on that.

As for Ui based on consensus... I don't think that applies here.  The issue
folks have with is the fact that is has no true representation of
the project and the control/bugs are outside the context of contributions
here.  IMHO, I think having in AMQ would get little push back as
long as it was a level playing field and didn't take unfair links to a third
party, or have unprofessional links to goofy youtube pop videos.

rajdavies wrote
> There’s never been a great management console before that has been under a
> permissive licence like the ASF - its a game changer. I’m happy to promote
> in any small way I can. 

I guess we will see.  Calling it like I see it, I think it was created
outside the ASF for control purposes.  IMHO, the ASL (which is horrendously
uncommon for RH projects to adopt) was simply utilized to shoehorn the
project into other Apache projects under the premise that its license makes
it ok, while maintaining despotic control over it.  Bravo... nicely done.  I
have to say that was creative thinking.

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