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From Robert Davies <>
Subject Re: Default Web Console
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2013 18:02:04 GMT
I’ll kick off a separate thread after the next couple of days

On 23 Dec 2013, at 15:06, Hadrian Zbarcea <> wrote:

> Well... That was stated on personal blogs and in other settings by some ActiveMQ PMC
members, but was not communicated to the community officially [1]. For that reason, I cannot
agree with your statement. I know that that was the intention though.
> Can we *please* continue this in a separate thread?
> Hadrian
> [1]
> On 12/23/2013 05:47 AM, Dejan Bosanac wrote:
>> I just want to add timing of events here for the record. Web console is
>> deprecated starting with the 5.9.0 release and the plan was to remove it in
>> 5.10.0. We invested a lot of time to provide the same functionality with
>> hawtio activemq plugin, providing it as a "tech preview" in 5.9 and a full
>> replacement in 5.10. This was discussed in various Jiras and threads
>> preparing 5.9.0 release and no one objected back then. So this is not just
>> a random decision to remove a console on a whim, but something we planed to
>> do for a while.
>> Regards
>> --
>> Dejan Bosanac
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>> Red Hat, Inc.
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>> On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 11:34 AM, Robert Davies <> wrote:
>>> Hi Hadrian,
>>> On 23 Dec 2013, at 03:14, Hadrian Zbarcea <> wrote:
>>>> While I agree that the console was never an architectural necessity, the
>>> reality is that it's very much in use today by pretty much every ActiveMQ
>>> user I know.
>>> I don’t disagree with that, all management operations with the broker are
>>> exposed through JMX, and until the ActiveMQ 5.8 release it was pretty hard
>>> to navigate the ActiveMQ JMX tree from any vanilla JMX console (e.g.
>>> JConsole) - the name hierarchy was ‘bespoke' and it was hard to know what
>>> you were looking for - and the original ActiveMQ web console provided a
>>> convent facade on presenting that information  to users. That issue was
>>> fixed about a year ago[1]. The problem is that the original Web console
>>> provides a static view on what’s really going on - there’s a lot of
>>> information that’s been added to JMX over the years and the original web
>>> console hasn’t been maintained to keep up with it - mainly because its so
>>> painful to do so, and changes have sometimes resulted in a new security
>>> issues[2].  Apart from an initial sniff test to see if its running - users
>>> tend to move to something else pretty quickly to monitor a running ActiveMQ
>>> broker - like JConsole, Jolkia, Hyperic, hawtio etc.
>>>> This thread was meant for a different purpose, I don't think it should
>>> be hijacked by a different discussion. If somebody feels strongly about
>>> removing the original console, I think that conversation should take place
>>> in a separate [discuss] thread, a deprecation time should be provided and
>>> an alternative (if any) presented.
>>> It wasn’t my intention to hijack the discussion for a different purpose -
>>> its just that the removal of the original Console and the use of hawtio are
>>> linked [3] - currently both options are available to a user, but the
>>> intention was to provide a least something to replace the original console
>>> over time - currently that was hawtio - I’m not aware of anything better
>>> that has an ASF compatible licence.
>>> Rob.
>>> [1]
>>> [2]
>>> [2]

Rob Davies
Red Hat, Inc - #dontcha
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