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From Simon Dittlmann <>
Subject Apollo ActiveMQ Plugin development
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2013 14:14:37 GMT

I'm trying to implement a little Apollo Plug-In Service. Sadly I found not so much documentation
how to this, just this few lines

At startup I get this message:

Could not create service: org.apache.activemq.apollo.dto.SimpleCustomServiceDTO@9b72432c

Actually I configured my log4j with debug level but there appear no related messages :-(
Do I need a manifest file? What is missing?

(You find my mail also as gist for a better view:
My files:


import org.fusesource.hawtdispatch._
import org.fusesource.hawtdispatch.DispatchQueue
import org.apache.activemq.apollo.util._

class TestService extends BaseService with Logging {

var broker: Broker = null

// It will be injected

override val dispatch_queue: DispatchQueue = createQueue("Hello plugin queue");

protected def _start(on_completed: Task) = {


System.out.println("[TestService] starting up")


protected def _stop(on_completed: Task) = {


System.out.println("[TestService] stopping")


and in the apollo.xml I added

<service id="myservice" kind="">

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