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From Les Hazlewood <>
Subject Securing ActiveMQ with Apache Shiro
Date Fri, 31 May 2013 01:53:25 GMT
Hi dev team,

I'm developing an ActiveMQ Broker Plugin that uses Apache Shiro to
secure all aspects of ActiveMQ (at least that I'm able to tell) such
as authenticating connections, authorizing access to destinations,

While ActiveMQ's default security capabilities are a fine effort, this
plugin allows for a more powerful security experience such as
fine-grained access control via permissions, more security data store
integrations via Shiro Realms, etc, as well as being easier to
understand for most people than JAAS for example.

If the ActiveMQ dev team is willing to accept it, I'd like to
contribute this to the project, probably as a new Maven module under  As an
ASF committer and PMC Chair for Shiro, my CLAs are already in order.

Is this something that the ActiveMQ dev team would be willing to
adopt?  I'd be happy to provide a patch if so, as well as a new
documentation page on the ActiveMQ website explaining how to use it.


Thanks for any feedback,

Les Hazlewood | @lhazlewood
CTO, Stormpath | | @goStormpath | 888.391.5282
PMC Chair, Apache Shiro |

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