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From Timothy Bish <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Combine windows and unix distros
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2013 17:54:33 GMT

Just use nix line endings and those masochists using notepad will likely 
enjoy the added pain.

On 03/28/2013 11:56 AM, Jon Anstey wrote:
> Right now, the zip and tar.gz distros contain different scripts and libs
> depending on the platform:
> [janstey@bender tmp]$ diff -w -r apache-activemq-5.8.0_zip
> apache-activemq-5.8.0_tar
> Only in apache-activemq-5.8.0_zip/bin: activemq-admin.bat
> Only in apache-activemq-5.8.0_zip/bin: activemq.bat
> Only in apache-activemq-5.8.0_tar/bin: diag
> Only in apache-activemq-5.8.0_tar/bin: linux-x86-32
> Only in apache-activemq-5.8.0_tar/bin: linux-x86-64
> Only in apache-activemq-5.8.0_tar/bin: macosx
> Only in apache-activemq-5.8.0_zip/bin: win32
> Only in apache-activemq-5.8.0_zip/bin: win64
> I'm proposing having a single ActiveMQ packaging script that produces a zip
> and tar.gz with the same contents. Other Apache projects do this already:
> CXF, Maven, ... So, we'd essentially be testing the same kit on all
> platforms, which makes things simpler I think.
> Opened a ticket here and
> also a pull request so folks could try it out if they want.
> One noticeable thing missing in this scheme are Windows line endings on
> shared things like properties files and config, but I think we can live
> with that. Hopefully most Windows devs have better text editors than
> notepad :-)

Tim Bish
Sr Software Engineer | RedHat Inc. | |
skype: tabish121 | twitter: @tabish121

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