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From RJtokenlanring <>
Subject Utility to debug KahaDB log files
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 08:13:09 GMT
Hi all, I've just started to write a small utility to debug
messages withing a KahaDB. Main use case is to offline understand what is
filled in the store 
and why logs are not cleaned. 

I've started the implementation, but I want to write this utility catching
*all the knowledged that is out there*, so we can add all the major use
cases and needed information.

So I want to start with these 2 use cases: 
list all messages in the store (the trivial one)
Some intelligent analysis to help the admin/user to understand what is going
wrong with application.

I'm playing with a store that contains a file (42) not cleaned up. It seams
that contains a persistent message delivered to a topic.
But if I connect the consumer (TopicReceiver) no messages are received. 
I think this is a good use case, isn't it?

For example, here, I was able to get this information:

Destination: dest:1:topic/RawDataTopic, [file: 42]
File 42 cannot be cleaned up due to still present active locations:
[42:26447666, 42:26450037, 42:26456273]
Non deleted file due to present messages - active sbiscriptions:
DH-topicreceiver:TopicReceiver=[110, 8196..8198, 8201, 101502]

Here I have some a set of Location pointer ([42:26447666, 42:26450037,

What should be checked in these cases and what should be reported?

Any help is much appreciated!


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