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From Will Daniels <>
Subject Re: Null pointer exception in AnyProtocolCodec using WebSockets
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 01:30:36 GMT
Hi Hiram,

On 14/05/12 10:17, Hiram Chirino wrote:
> This issue was reported in:
> It's now been fixed in the nightly snapshot.  Could verify it's working on
> there?

Sorry, I had initially searched for reports of the problem the day before before 
writing to the list and had waited to first check that it worked OK in 1.2, so I 
missed that issue report that was logged in the meantime!

> What error are you getting from the source build?

Well, aside from scala wanting to create filenames too long for my filesystem[1] 
(so I'm building in a tmpfs ramdisk instead) there was a problem with maven not 
finding the snapshot for hawtdispatch-scala v1.11 in the fusesource 
repository[2] which I fixed by changing:

+<hawtdispatch-version>1.12-SNAPSHOT</hawtdispatch-version> the root pom.xml file.

That doesn't seem quite right somehow (I'm completely guessing where it comes to 
maven and these snapshots/artifacts) although the apollo-util source then built 
OK, but it failed next running tests on some other component (maybe 
apollo-leveldb IIRC).

I just ran the build again to confirm which component failed and to copy the 
output, but this time it all built successfully :S

Anyway, thanks for the quick fix, it seems to be working now over WebSockets, 
except that it appears to timeout eventually and stop receiving messages, which 
I hadn't noticed happen with other clients on other transports. If you know 
off-hand that there is a setting for this, or can tell me that it shouldn't 
happen, would be appreciated.

One other thing, at the risk of going too far OT for dev list, I can't seem to 
get topic retained messages to work (on any transport). On subscribing to a 
topic that should have retained messages, I don't see any initial frames at all. 
But if I subscribe to the topic while the messages are sent, I can see that that 
"retain:true" header is correctly set on them.

My understanding is that upon a new subscription to the topic, the last retained 
message should be sent? Am I misunderstanding what retain:true should do here? 
Is there any caveats I should be aware of about it?

That may yet turn out to be a problem with me, not Apollo (I'm still 
investigating) but if anyone knows to confirm that it should be working in the 
current build, that would at least help me to look for the problem in the right 
places :P



>> Any advice about this issue would be much appreciated!
> Just try the nightly development snapshot.  You can find links to it on the
> download page [1]. It should be much better.
> [1]:
> Thanks,
>> -Will
>> [1]**activemq-apollo/commit/**
>> 5862484bc44c7f46457cb19cf6638b**fd3584595b<>
>> [2]**stomp-websocket/blob/master/**
>> dist/stomp.js<>

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