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From Hiram Chirino <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Apollo 1.0 Beta 5
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2011 01:56:01 GMT
Hi Everyone,

It's been a couple of months weeks since the last Apollo beta release.
Since then several new and noteworthy features have been implemented including:

 * APLO-67 - Support an `auto-delete:true` header on the STOMP
subscribe frame to auto delete queues when the subscription ends
 * APLO-70 - Add per-destination queue quota
 * APLO-34 - Allow a STOMP subscription to control message flow using
a credit window
 * APLO-68 - Add support for TCP-level keepalive
 * APLO-74 - Support setting the timestamp header on received messages
 * APLO-75 - Support setting the redelivered header on redelivered messages
 * APLO-56 - Change to a terser configuration scheme for ACL definitions
 * APLO-81 - Include message counters on the producer/consumer links
on the destination stats in the REST API.
 * APLO-80 - Separate message statistics for durable subs from queues.
 * APLO-82 - Add a new /dest-metrics REST route which collects the
metrics for queues, topics and dsubs.
 * APLO-83 - Apollo REST API should support cookie/session based authentication
 * APLO-71 - Apollo plugins should be easy to configure
 * APLO-77 - Provide connection aggregation in the REST API
 * APLO-78 - Provide message statistics (for topics) in the REST API

This will probably be the last beta release before we go 1.0, so I
really hope folks take time to try out!

You can find the release notes at

The new release candidate has been staged to nexus under:

Binary distros can be found at:

Source code distros can be found at:

The build was tagged at:

The project website for that version has been staged to:

Please vote to approve this release

[ ] +1 Release Apache ActiveMQ Apollo 1.0 Beta 5
[ ] -1 Veto the release (provide specific comments)

Here's my +1





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