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From Lionel Cons <>
Subject How can a broker stop a STOMP producer?
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2011 09:34:23 GMT
In Apollo, one can set slow_consumer_policy=block for a topic. This is
described as:

  the producers block on slow consumers which makes producers only as
  fast as the slowest consumer on the topic

I guess one can achieve something similar in ActiveMQ too.

But how can a broker block a producer over STOMP where it doesn't know
what the next client frame will be?

Does this translate into returning an ERROR frame for a SEND frame to
the "blocked topic"?

Does it mean stop reading from the producer after the first SEND frame
is received? If yes, what happens for new clients? Are they all
allowed to send one message before being blocked?

FWIW, we have a typical use case with many distributed clients
connecting over STOMP just to send one message and then disconnect.



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