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From Allen Reese <>
Subject RE: AMQ-3404 & querying via JMX
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 21:46:40 GMT
On a related note, it seems that neither PurgeCommand nor BrowseCommand support -xmsgsel:

This is the options code: (which is pretty much the same as the --msgsel):
        } else if (token.startsWith("--xmsgsel")) {
            // If token is a substractive message selector option

            // If no message selector is specified, or next token is a new
            // option
            if (tokens.isEmpty() || ((String)tokens.get(0)).startsWith("-")) {
                context.printException(new IllegalArgumentException("Message selector not

            StringTokenizer queryTokens = new StringTokenizer((String)tokens.remove(0), COMMAND_OPTION_DELIMETER);
            while (queryTokens.hasMoreTokens()) {

But in the runTasks, it only looks at queryAddObjects:

                // Iterate through the queue result
                for (Iterator j = queueList.iterator(); j.hasNext();) {
                    List messages = JmxMBeansUtil.createMessageQueryFilter(createJmxConnection(),
                    context.printMessage(JmxMBeansUtil.filterMessagesView(messages, groupViews,

Shouldn't it take that list, and subtract anything that was in --xmsgsel?


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