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From Hiram Chirino <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Apollo 1.0 Beta 4
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2011 22:10:16 GMT
Hi Everyone,

It's been several weeks since the last Apollo beta release.  Since
then several new and noteworthy features have been implementing

 * APLO-17 - Support message expiration
 * APLO-39 - Apply configuration updates to a broker without needing a restart
 * APLO-40 - Web interface should support editing all the apollo
configuration files (log4j, jaas, etc.)
 * APLO-41 - Expose JVM Status/Metrics via REST API
 * APLO-43 - Create an XSD to validate the apollo.xml configuration file.
 * APLO-45 - Support auto deleting idle queues and topics
 * APLO-47 - Add connection_counter, consumer_counter, and
producer_counter metrics to the management interface
 * APLO-50 - Support pre-creating durable subscriptions via the broker
config file
 * APLO-55 - Add an option to enable strict validation of the configuration XML
 * APLO-57 - Track desired service state so you can stop a service
which is still starting
 * APLO-60 - Support regular expressions in destination wildcards.
 * APLO-42 - File based JAAS login modules should cache file contents
until changed.
 * APLO-44 - Eagerly create destinations which are explicitly defined
in the server configuration file.
 * APLO-46 - Include current/total page info when the REST interface
returns a paged result set

You can find the release notes at

The new release candidate has been staged to nexus under:

Binary distros can be found at:

Source code distros can be found at:

The build was tagged at:

The project website for that version has been staged to:

Please vote to approve this release

[ ] +1 Release Apache ActiveMQ Apollo 1.0 Beta 4
[ ] -1 Veto the release (provide specific comments)

Here's my +1



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