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From "Syed Faraz Ali (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Created] (AMQ-3353) Durable subscribers on durable topics don't receive messages after network disconnect
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 19:31:47 GMT
Durable subscribers on durable topics don't receive messages after network disconnect

                 Key: AMQ-3353
             Project: ActiveMQ
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Broker
    Affects Versions: 5.5.0, 5.3.1
         Environment: Windows & Linux
JDK 1.6
            Reporter: Syed Faraz Ali

I've set up a durable topic with the default (persistent) delivery mode on one machine that
is publishing a simple text message every 5 seconds. I created a durable subscriber that consumes
messages published to the above topic on another machine. I am using broker to broker communication
between the two machines.
I start up the two programs on either machine and see the messages coming through to the subscriber.
If I then pull the network cable to disconnect the network between the two machines, wait
for a minute and then plug it back in, my subscriber doesn't receive the messages any more.
I can see from the output that the publisher is still publishing them (Temporary topics, non-durable
queues all continue to sync up in our production environment, it is only the durable topics
that don't work after network reconnect)

If I were to tweak a setting on the publisher's broker (that was introduced only in 5.5.0),
suppressDuplicateTopicSubscriptions=false, then the topics work correctly after network reconnect.
But this may have other unintended consequences and I was hoping to get a better idea of:
- is this a known issue ? if so, then are there any specific challenges that have caused it
not to be fixed?
- are other people out there using durable topics and subscribers without a failover option
that have run into this problem? What have they done to work around?

Here is how my subscriber and publisher are set up:
Topic Publisher (Machine 1)
        publisherConnection = connFactory.createConnection();
        publisherConnection.setClientID( "ProducerCliID" );

        session = publisherConnection.createSession( true, -1 );
        Destination producerTopic = session.createTopic( TEST_TOPIC_NAME );
        producer = session.createProducer( (Topic)producerTopic );
    // On a timer, keep sending this out every 5 seconds
                 String text = "HELLO " + count++;
                TextMessage msg = session.createTextMessage( text );
                System.out.println( "Sending TextMessage = " + msg.getText() );
                producer.send( msg );

Subscriber ( Machine 2):
        Connection clientConnection = connFactory.createConnection();
        Session session = clientConnection.createSession( false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE

        Destination topic = session.createTopic( topicName );
        MessageConsumer subscriber = session.createDurableSubscriber( (Topic)topic, "subName"

        TestMessageListener msgListener = new TestMessageListener( 1000 );
        subscriber.setMessageListener( msgListener );
         // TestMessageListener's onMessage method simply outputs the message:
        public void onMessage(Message message)
            if ( message instanceof TextMessage )
                System.out.println( "Message received = " + ((TextMessage)message) );

I can provide the jars for you to run the program if need be.

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