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From Lionel Cons <>
Subject Apollo 1.0-beta2 wishlist
Date Tue, 10 May 2011 07:22:30 GMT

I take the opportunity of the release of the second beta to resurface a few
items from our wishlist for Apollo.

(1) There should be official, versioned, XSD files for apollo.xml for at
    least three reasons:
     - to allow Apollo (and other tools) to validate the config file
     - to exhaustively document all the bits that can be configured
     - to allow users to track down changes (between Apollo releases)
       affecting the config file

(2) The REST API should be documented.

(3) The REST interface should have finer grain authorization to allow, for
    instance, some users only read-only access (e.g. for monitoring
    purposes). Maybe this should be merged with the other authorization so
    that an "admin" right on a queue would allow a user to delete this queue
    using REST?



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