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From Lionel Cons <>
Subject Re: Packaging/scripts cleanup suggestions
Date Fri, 13 May 2011 11:03:45 GMT
Hiram Chirino writes:
 > I generally like the suggestions.  The one thing I worry about is that
 > I think folks might like to put the APOLLO_HOME/bin in their path, and
 > if that's the case I'd only want apollo to show up on the PATH.  We
 > probably want to put those new support scripts in a different location
 > under APOLLO_HOME.

Having another directory under APOLLO_HOME (like libexec) to put these
scripts in is possible but IMHO messy. Alternatively, you could prefix
them (e.g. wrapper -> apollo-wrapper) but IMHO it's not much cleaner.

What we plan to do here is the following:
 - Apollo version X gets installed under /usr/share/apollo-X
   (this way we can have multiple versions installed at the same time)
 - upon installation, rpm creates the symlink /usr/share/apollo -> apollo-X
   (this way /usr/share/apollo is always the default/latest installed
    Apollo to use => this is the default APOLLO_HOME)
 - upon installation, rpm creates the symlink /usr/bin/apollo -> /usr/share/apollo/bin/apollo
   (this way there is a default apollo command in the PATH if needed,
    although people would probably type the full path to choose the
    exact software version to use)

We plan to use only the apollo under APOLLO_BASE, not the one under
APOLLO_HOME. We will use the full path because it's the only way to
select which broker instance we want to interact with.



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