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From Oliver <>
Subject Init script improvements
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 17:59:32 GMT

Yesterday I gave the ActiveMQ init scripts (referenced here a bit of a ribbing,
which was picked up by the eagle-eyed Bruce Snyder (seriously, I
didn't think anyone read my blog) who asked me to join this list and
suggest improvements. I've certainly made some to my company's
internal ActiveMQ package and would be happy to suggest improvements
that can be made, but I'd also like to follow any kind of existing
protocol that may be necessary.

How shall I start this process? The patches would also likely affect
other files, to do this "the right way" and I'd also be able to
contribute SPEC file patches (my reference platform is CentOS 5.5).
Anything that can get the ball rolling would be great, and I'm always
keen to have fixes applied upstream so that I don't need to do as much
monkeypatching in-house.

Best Regards,

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