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From qtaiwee <>
Subject Problems in compiling and running ActiveMQ-CPP on AIX
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2010 17:00:59 GMT

Platform : AIX 5.3
Compiler : IBM XLC++ v9
ActiveMQ-CPP : ver 3.2.3

Has anyone succesfully compiled ActiveMQ-CPP and run the example program on
AIX 5.3 using the IBM XLC++ v9 compiler ?

The example program  at src/examples/example(main.cpp) does not work and
hangs at around the line :


I did some debugging and found that it hangs at
src/activemq/transport/tcp/TcpTransport.cpp in the connect method at  line

       socket->connect( host, port, connectTimeout );

There has been previous post in this forum on "dynamic casting problems on
aix" and i did encounter that problem 
"TcpTransport::TcpTransport - transport must be of type IOTransport"  but i
believe using the compiler 
-qrtti=dynamic does resolve it.

Appreciate any advice on this.   Thanks.

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