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From "Lowry Curry (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Commented: (AMQ-2764) For "duplex" network connection, after restart one ActiveMQ, message is missing.
Date Mon, 12 Jul 2010 13:47:52 GMT


Lowry Curry commented on AMQ-2764:

Steps to reproduce the issue
To reproduce this issue I installed apache-activemq-5.3.2 in two separate locations. The scenario
simulates a hub and spoke architecture in which the hub (Broker1) will be connected (via a
networkConnector) to Broker2. The network connector uses "http" rather than "tcp" for connection
between brokers. This is a requirement for customer because customer  broker connection must
traverse distinct networks. Note the problem does not seem to occur when "tcp" is used. The
networkConnector also defines a "staticallyIncludedDestination".

The problem happens when Broker1 is shutdown and restarted. After that, the networkConnector
(store and forward)
mechanism seems to break. Messages that should be available to a consumer in queue on Broker1
are not sent to consumer
and appear to be lost.  

The actual config details are given below. Also attached are the activemq.xml files for Broker1
and Broker2.

1)	Update activemq.xml for Broker1.
The changes to the default configuration for Broker1 include the following: 
•	Change the broker name from localhost to Broker1
•	Add networkConnector to Broker2.

    <broker xmlns="" useJmx="true" brokerName="BROKER1"
/data" destroyApplicationContextOnStop="true" >

              <networkConnector name="SCA" uri="static://(http://localhost:61617)" duplex="true">
                      <queue physicalName="R"/>

2)	Update the activemq.xml for Broker2
The changes to the default configuration for Broker2 include the following:
•	Change the broker name from localhost to Broker2
•	Change the default transport connector (tcp) to listen on 61618 (to avoid conflict with
Broker1's tcp port)
•	Add an transport connector (http) for port 61617. This is the port that will be connected
to by Broker1.

    <broker xmlns="" useJmx="true" brokerName="BROKER2"
/data" destroyApplicationContextOnStop="true">
           <transportConnector name="openwire" uri="tcp://"/>
           <transportConnector name="http" uri=""/>

3)	Start Broker2 using the activemq.bat script in Broker2's installation /bin directory.
4)	Start Broker1 using the activemq.bat script in Broker1's installation /bin directory.

5)	Run simple producer/consumer scenarios.
a)	Run consumer against 61616 (Broker1).
 Go to Broker1's example directory:
Run the following:

	ant consumer -Durl=tcp://localhost:61616 -Dmax=100 -Dsubject=R
The above command will connect to Broker1 and listen for 100 messages on queue R on Broker1

b)	Next in another window - same directory - run the following:
	ant producer -Durl=tcp://localhost:61616 -Dmax=10 -Dsubject=R
The above command will connect to Broker1 and send 10 messages to queue R on Broker1

You should see the consumer will receive the 10 messages.
c)	Next, Run producer to send messages to Broker2:
	ant producer -Durl=tcp://localhost:61618 -Dmax=10 -Dsubject=R
Because of the networkConnector set up for queue R between Broker1->Broker2, the consumer
(that was already running and connected to Broker1) should also receive these 10 messages
that were sent to queue R on Broker2.

6)	Shutdown Broker1 and restart.

7)	Run step 5 again. You will see when you run the producer the second time (step 5c) that
not all the messages get to the consumer connected to queue R on Broker1. Only every other
message arrive at consumer. 

You can shutdown Broker1 and repeat step 5 over and over and each time you will see fewer
and fewer messages arrive at consumer connected to queue R on Broker1.  Where do these messages

Information from jconsole
While running this test case, start jconsole and attach to each of the brokers.
On Broker2 open the MBeans tab and expand activemq->BROKER2->Subscription->Non-Durable->Queue->R->NC_BROKER1_inbound_BROKER2
This will show the subscription created on Broker2 by the networkConnector.
Each time you shutdown Broker1 and restart, jconsole will show a new Subscription created
in Broker2.

> For "duplex" network connection,  after restart one ActiveMQ,  message is missing.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                 Key: AMQ-2764
>                 URL:
>             Project: ActiveMQ
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: Broker
>    Affects Versions: 5.3.1
>         Environment: Windows2k3,  AMQ 5.3.1, 
>            Reporter: Qingyi Gu
>             Fix For: 5.4.1
>         Attachments: Remote-Console1.JPG, Remote-Console2.JPG, Remote-Console3.JPG, SCA-consumer1.JPG
> I have two AMQ setup.  And they use duplex network connection between.   After I restart
one ActiveMQ which initiates the connection,  half of the message are missing.    In order
to avoid this problem,  I have restart the other ActiveMQ.   And this only happens when I
use "staticallyIncludedDestinations" config in broker.
> 1 SETUP:
> a) SCA server has a network connector to remote server114.  In order to repeat this problem,
you have to use "staticallyIncludedDestinations".
> <networkConnector name="SCA" uri="static://(" duplex="true">
>                <staticallyIncludedDestinations>
>                               <queue physicalName="R"/>
>                </staticallyIncludedDestinations>
> </networkConnector>
> b) SCA server has a java code consumer listening on queue R:
> c)  Remote server114 is listening on 61617, see config below;
> <transportConnectors> 
>            <transportConnector name="openwire" uri="tcp://"/> 
>            <transportConnector name="https" uri=""/>

> </transportConnectors> 
> (See attached picture "Remote-Console1.jpg".)
> 2. Restart activemq on SCA server and restart consumer application listening on queue
R on SCA too.  Remote server114 activemq admin console shows there are two consumers on R.

> (See attached picture "Remote-Console2.jpg")
> 3 Start a producer on remote server114 to send 10 messages to R.  On SCA server, consumer
on R  only receives 5 messages.
> (See attached picture "SCA-consumer1.JPG")
> 4. On remote server114 activemq admin console, these 10 messages are divided by these
two consumers.
> (See attached picture "Remote-Console3.jpg")

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