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From benjamine <>
Subject Memory Leak/Out of Memory in ActiveMQ 5.3.0
Date Tue, 04 May 2010 16:42:29 GMT

Hi All,

   Scenario : 
   We have a pair of ActiveMQ Master and slave configuration in the Core
server.Consumer ( thousands of consumer) to this pair of activeMQ is
connection from external/Client IP/Server . Each server is creating separate
Queue with unique name.

   We may loose the connection at any time from client server. does it make
any memory issues.

   looks like activeMq from the core server is trying to find the connection
(client connection) in a interval and ends ups with Memory issue and getting
shutdown the activeMQ server.

  we use ssl communication to from client to the core server.

  new logs files are getting created in the activemq directory.

  here is the portion of the log file

# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
#  EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW (0xc00000fd) at pc=0x000000006da85eff,
pid=12168, tid=18732
# JRE version: 6.0_17-b04
# Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (14.3-b01 mixed mode
windows-amd64 )
# Problematic frame:
# V  [jvm.dll+0x1f5eff]
# If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit:

---------------  T H R E A D  ---------------

Current thread (0x0000000070672000):  JavaThread "NetworkBridge" daemon
[_thread_in_vm, id=18732, stack(0x0000006533ff0000,0x000000653dff0000)]

siginfo: ExceptionCode=0xc00000fd, ExceptionInformation=0x0000000000000001

EAX=0x0000000000000004, EBX=0x0000000000000000, ECX=0x000000653dfec7a0,
ESP=0x000000653dfef7a0, EBP=0x0000000000000004, ESI=0x0000000000000004,
EIP=0x000000006da85eff, EFLAGS=0x0000000000010206

Top of Stack: (sp=0x000000653dfef7a0)
0x000000653dfef7a0:   0000000000000000 0000000070672000
0x000000653dfef7b0:   000000653dfef9f0 000000007096e990
0x000000653dfef7c0:   000000007096e988 0000000077fa8f40
0x000000653dfef7d0:   00000000ffffffff 0000000000000000
0x000000653dfef7e0:   0000000000000130 000000006827dd8b
0x000000653dfef7f0:   0000000000000000 0000000000000008
0x000000653dfef800:   0000000000000130 0000000000000130
0x000000653dfef810:   0000000000000000 0000000068279d0b
0x000000653dfef820:   0000000000000000 000000007096e990
0x000000653dfef830:   000007fffffda000 000000007096e970
0x000000653dfef840:   000007fffffda000 000000006827618c
0x000000653dfef850:   000000006834a0c0 0000000000000000
0x000000653dfef860:   000000000016d590 000007fffffda000
0x000000653dfef870:   0000000000000002 000000653dfef9f0
0x000000653dfef880:   0000000070672000 0000000000000000
0x000000653dfef890:   0000000000000000 000000007096e970 

Instructions: (pc=0x000000006da85eff)
0x000000006da85eef:   48 63 d0 48 63 c6 48 0f af d5 48 ff c5 48 2b ca
0x000000006da85eff:   89 19 48 3b 05 a8 c1 3c 00 7e db 48 8b bc 24 88 

Stack: [0x0000006533ff0000,0x000000653dff0000],  sp=0x000000653dfef7a0, 
free space=163837k
Native frames: (J=compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code, C=native
V  [jvm.dll+0x1f5eff]

---------------  P R O C E S S  ---------------

Java Threads: ( => current thread )
  0x000000006e2e7800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=15748, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e35d000 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=16772, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e35c000 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=1692, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e35b800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=20944, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e35b000 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=16948, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e35a000 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=15604, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e359800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=11320, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e358800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new, id=988,
  0x000000006e358000 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=10708, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e357000 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=22928, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e356800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=17464, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e355800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=14384, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e355000 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=14948, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e354800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=18244, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e353800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=21204, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]
  0x000000006e353000 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_new,
id=3820, stack(0x0000000000000000,0x0000000000000000)]

x0000000069d3f000 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_blocked,
id=5884, stack(0x0000004c6fff0000,0x0000004c79ff0000)]
  0x0000000069d3d800 JavaThread "ActiveMQ Transport:
ssl:///" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=13712,
  0x0000000069d3c800 JavaThread "ActiveMQ Transport:
ssl:///" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=3148,
  0x0000000069d3c000 JavaThread "ActiveMQ Transport:
ssl:///" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=7520,
  0x00000000696be800 JavaThread "ActiveMQ Transport:
ssl:///" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=22636,
  0x000000006a689800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_blocked,
id=23864, stack(0x000000088bff0000,0x0000000895ff0000)]
  0x000000006abed800 JavaThread "BrokerService" daemon [_thread_blocked,
id=3612, stack(0x000000027dff0000,0x0000000287ff0000)]

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