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From Rob Davies <>
Subject Re: Are JIRA issue flooding your inbox?
Date Sat, 21 Nov 2009 07:38:53 GMT
I attempt weeding every few months - trouble is - its a jungle ;) A  
lot of the unresolved issues will take a lot of time to validate - as  
they do have steps to reproduce - but they aren't junit tests
Can you make the filter public btw ? I can't see it

On 21 Nov 2009, at 02:30, Bruce Snyder wrote:

> Today I attacked JIRA with the goal of weeding out issues that no
> longer apply. I worked through about 150 issues, closing many old and
> unrelated issues, recategorizing others. Some of those issues (only 31
> of them) have been marked with a version named NEEDS_REVIEWED. I've
> created and shared a filter for these issues here:
> These issues need further attention. So I'm asking that you take a bit
> to review just a few of those issues with the following items in mind:
> 1) Does the issue have a patch? If so, please dig in enough to
> determine if the issue is still valid.
> 2) Does the issue have steps to reproduce? If so, please dig in to
> determine if the issue is still valid.
> 2) Are there votes and watches on the issue indicating popularity? If
> so, reconsider before closing an issue.
> With all of us pitching into to do a little bit of work, the task will
> get done faster. The goal of this exercise is to:
> 1) Mark issues for 5.4.0 if they still apply
> 2) Close issues that no longer apply
> 3) Close issues that don't have enough info to reproduce
> 4) Recategorize issues that simply request a feature with no other
> info as type Wish
> Let me know if you have any problems or questions.
> Bruce
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