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From MarcusSmith <>
Subject Issue with fanout multicast
Date Sat, 14 Nov 2009 18:33:47 GMT

Im using 5.3.0 on a windows XP box.

I'm using the following connection URL:

When broker urls are discovered, i get the following notification:

Daemon Thread
(Suspended (breakpoint at line 518 in FanoutTransport))	
	FanoutTransport.add(URI[]) line: 518	
	DiscoveryTransport.onServiceAdd(DiscoveryEvent) line: 78	
	MulticastDiscoveryAgent$ line: 504	
	ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(Runnable) line: 886	
	ThreadPoolExecutor$ line: 908 line: 619	

which is great, but at "DiscoveryTransport.onServiceAdd(DiscoveryEvent)
line: 78", which is
next.add(new URI[] {URISupport.applyParameters(uri, parameters)});

parameters is always null.  The way FanoutTransportFactory creates a
by just new'ing w/o using the DiscoveryTransportFactory prevents me from
setting any

What i want to do is append the parameter "?connectionTimeout=1" onto the
URL at
line 78 of DiscoveryTransport.onServiceAdd, so discovered brokers that can't
be connected do
don't hold up FanoutTransport.doConnect loop 30 seconds (which is the
default timeout in 
TcpTransport) at a time.

Any thought about how to add parameters on the DiscoveryTransport when
created by the
FanoutTransportFactory would be greatly appreciated.



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