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From msmyers <>
Subject Re: Horizontally scaling JMS listener/consumer Active MQ environment
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 21:54:54 GMT

Uhh. Don't you want to use a Queue and not a Topic?

G1 wrote:
> Hi, 
> In the enterprise we use Active MQ, v5.3 for the messaging infrastructure. 
> I am integrating 2 applications. 
> Appl-P ...producer, publishes jms messages on a topic ::
> VirtualTopic.Appl-P.SomeName 
> And I have Appl-C...the consumer consuming the same (by directly listening
> on the topic :: VirtualTopic.Appl-P.SomeName 
> In an attempt to horizontally scale Appl-C; 
> I hosted Appl-C on more than 1 machine and changed it to consume off
> queue's created from the Virtual Topic; 
> Consumer.Instance-A.VirtualTopic.Appl-P.SomeName, 
> Consumer.Instance-B.VirtualTopic.Appl-P.SomeName and so forth 
> But Active-MQ delivers the same message to all the Consumer.Queue's
> (albeit within a short delay of each other) 
> and thus the multiple instances of Appl-C attempt procesing the same
> message more than once (which is not desired) 
> I thought off keeping the multiple instances of Appl-C reading off the
> topic (VirtualTopic.Appl-P.SomeName) directly; 
> (instead of the individual Consumer.Queue's) 
> but I do not think that will gaurantee that only one instance of Appl-C
> will process (and others ignore) 
> Any suggestions on how to horizontally scale the consumer, Appl-C 
> ensuring Active-MQ does not deliver the same message to only one instance
> (@ a time) 
> Would it be possible to achieve this, exclusively within the Active-MQ
> broker? (using features of ver 5.3) 
> (I do not wish to develop any load balancer component, to intercept
> messages, before they are delivered to Appl-C) 
> ~g1 
> PS: Appl-C .... does not use any database (so there is no way to share
> data or state between the multiple instances of Appl-C 

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