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From Olivier Langlois <>
Subject RE: ActiveMQcpp cms::Session::createTextMessage() function usage question with ISO-8859-1 strings
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2009 21:42:45 GMT
Hi Tim,

It is an old version 2.1.3. Are you refering to: ?

but even with or without the bug, I still have my question of whether or not I am using ActiveMQcpp
API correctly.

Is the createTextMessage() function expect UTF-8 strings or regular ASCII strings are fine?

Thank you very much!

> Without knowing what version of ActiveMQ-CPP I can't give you a definite
> answer there were issues in the 2.x versions with ASCII values greater
> than 127, those have been addressed and should work either in 2.2.6 or
> 3.0.1.  If you continue to have problems with the latest version of the
> client then I'd recommend opening a new Jira issue and attaching a
> simple but complete test case that demonstrates the issue.
> Regards
> Tim.
> --
> Tim Bish

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